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Whiteside County Fairs
Article from the Whiteside Sentinel
July 30, 1919


Officers of Morrison Fair Are Erecting Fine Building for Showing Live Stock

The Morrison Fair officials have started work on a sale pavilion which will _______during the coming show, and will be rented
to any person who desires to hold a sale of livestock. It will be erected in the open space southeast of the amphitheatre, and
will be a very fine addition to the property. Stakes were placed today.

The pavilion will be erected in the form of a hexagon, the angles being twenty-four feet in dimension. The diameter of the
structure will be 108 feet, and the eaves will project two feet over the sides. A show ring twenty feet square will be built in the
center, with an auctioneer's box to one side. The pavilion will have a seating capacity of about 100, and it will be well
ventilated with windows which will be placed all around the cupola over the show ring. The seats will be erected in
amphitheatre style and will be eight feet above the ground at the back.

Seventy pens for hogs will be built around the outside of the pavilion and there will be thirty pens for sheep around the sides of
the show ring. When sales are held by stockmen they can use the hog pens for cattle, as they are being built large enough for
that purpose.

President Boyd, who is largely responsible for the new improvement, has a cement mixer on the grounds and is ready to
begin work on the concrete foundation. Lee Horing will start work Thursday morning moving the chicken building and cattle
stalls about twenty feet farther north so as to give plenty of room for the sale pavilion.
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