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The Whiteside County Fair Board
Announces 2019
Co-Friends of the Fair
"Friend of the Fair” Honorees -  Since 1989, the board has sought to honor those who have made an extra effort to support and make the annual Fair
as much fun as possible for all those who participate and attend the many shows and events.

This Year the Whiteside County Fair has selected Co-Friends of the Fair: Jill Miller and Goldie Svendsen.

Jill Miller -
Jill and her husband, Sam, started showing Draft Horses at the Whiteside County Fair in the early 80's with Clare Meakins serving as the Draft Horse
Superintendent.  They showed for a few years, but Jill decided to give it up after almost running the judge over with her Ladies Cart horse. She
thought at that time she would be better off in the crows nest, where she has been announcing the classes ever since.  

At the time, Paul Vock was the Superintendent of the Draft Horse, she also began announcing the Speed Horse show. The Speed Horse show was
held in conjunction with the Hitch classes.  Jill announced when Arlyn Habben was the ringman, and later became Superintendent of the Draft
Horses. She has worked with Draft Horse Superintendents: Mike Wiersema, Glenn Franks, and currently John Mosher.  

Many years, many exhibitors, and many more horses later, she still looks forward to seeing old friends and making new friends.  The best part of
announcing is the people, from the Superintendents, their secretaries the ringmen, all the exhibitors and spectators.

Jill's children grew up going to fairs, from showing their own horses, to helping other exhibitors, and just going along with Mom to keep her
straight.  Jill’s heart is with the Whiteside County Fair. In her eyes the Whiteside County Fair is still the best "old-fashioned county fair."

Goldie Svendsen -
Harness Racing has been an ongoing attraction at the Whiteside County Fair for almost 150 years.  

In order to have today’s races the Fair is required to have a number of officials in the Judges Stand.  One of those officials is that of a “USTA
Licensed Charter”.

We have been very fortunate here at the Whiteside County Fair to have had an excellent Charter for the last (25) years by the name of Goldie
Svendsen who possessed the sharp eyes and a knowledge of Harness Racing Rules that few other people possess.

You may not have noticed her, but she was always tucked in the back corner of the Judges Stand with a clip board and a sharp pencil.

It was always her job to locate and record the position and time of each horse in the race at the Quarter Mile mark, the Half Mile mark, the 3/4 mile
mark and at the head of the stretch.  Just look at the information in your scorecard below the name of each horse to get an idea of all the information
that must be recorded as the race unfolds.

Goldie retired last year as a “Charter”, but not from the Sport of Harness Racing.  She continues to attend County Fairs and will assist the Speed
Superintendents in any way she can.  She is still the person who compiles the “Driver Points” for the award of top Driver of the Day at the Whiteside
County Fair.

It was our privilege to have known and worked with Goldie over these many years, and to have benefited from her friendship, knowledge and
expertise. We’re going to miss her in the Judges Stand, but hope we’ll continue to see her in the Barns for many years to come.