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Saturday's Pedal Pull
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August 16, 2017        

17-10 / PEDAL PULL 1
Todd Mickley, Publicity


MORRISON, ILL.-The first of two Kid's Pedal Pulls helped kick-off the 147th Annual Whiteside County Fair which opened
Tuesday morning for its five-day run.

     The winners from a field of sixty-four competitors were thrilled at the end of some outstanding pulls.

     The Pedal Pull excitement continues on Saturday at noon.     
                                     Results to follow...

Whiteside County Fair 2017
Pedal Pull 1


Four Years Old and Under
1. Kaeden Miller, Morrison                   22 ft 8 in
2. Dylan Houzenga, Morrison                20 ft 3 in
3. Liam Copeland, Erie                        13 ft 9 in

Five Years Old
1. Jack Sandrock, Prophetstown           Full Pull                33 ft 7 in
2. Levi Nimmick, Clinton, IA                 Full Pull                18 ft 6 in
3. Cohen Wroble, Morrison                    Full Pull                17 ft 2 in

Six Years Old
1. Grant Workman, Tampico                30 ft 2 in
2. Zackery Tegeler, Morrison                21 ft 8 in
3. Tiana Thomas                                  15 ft 8 in

Seven Years Old
1. Breckon Sandrock, Prophetstown        Full Pull
2. Claire Weets, Morrison                        25 ft 2 in
3. Brody Tucker, Sterling                        25 ft         

Eight Years Old
1. Sawyer Copeland, Erie                  Full Pull                Full Pull
2. Megan Folkers, Morrison                Full Pull                25 ft 2 in
3. Kayden Kuehl, Morrison                30 ft 10 in


Nine and Ten Years Old
1. Preston Snyder, Fulton                   Full Pull                Full Pull                Full Pull                Full Pull
2. Menter Jacobs, Morrison                Full Pull                Full Pull                Full Pull                35 ft
3. Kaleb Workman, Sterling                Full Pull                Full Pull                Full Pull                30 ft 4 in

Eleven and Twelve Years Old
1. Afton Eyrich                                    Full Pull                Full Pull                Full Pull                Full Pull
2. Marissa Folkers, Morrison                Full Pull                Full Pull                Full Pull                32 ft 4 in
3. Collin Burn, Thomson                    Full Pull                Full Pull                33 ft 6 in