Department I – Poultry


Large Fowl, Bantam and Water Fowl

Premiums Offered


Robert & Kathy Huizenga Superintendents

Phone 815/772-3896

Morrison, IL 61270

Please read rules & regulations


  This show will be governed by the last revised Official Show Rules of the American Breeders Association Inc.

All prizes will be awarded strictly in accordance with the American Standard of Perfection.

1.  All entries in this department are subject to general rules in the front of the premium book. STOCK MUST BE IN THE SHOW ROOM BEFORE 7:00 PM MONDAY EVENING, AUGUST 16, 2021 OR BEFORE 8:00 AM TUESDAY MORNING AUGUST 17, 2021.  This rule will be rigidly enforced.  Judging is to start promptly at 10:00 AM on Tuesday.  

2. The Whiteside County Fair will not be responsible for loss in case of fire, accident, or providential destruction.  Every precaution will be taken to eliminate any danger of mistake in the show and in the return of stock from the show.

3. Exhibitors will be allowed to display advertising and ribbons as soon as all judging is completed.

4.  Building is unlocked 11:00 am each morning and locked at 9:00 pm each evening of the fair, and special care will be given the exhibits at all times.

5. The Superintendents reserves the right to reject any entries or entry from any exhibitor.  All animals will be inspected and stock received in unsound condition will be returned at once.

6. Each exhibitor is required to purchase a Membership Ticket costing $20.00.   Helpers Passes will be issued one per exhibitor. Helper’s Passes are $12.00. 

7. Entry fee: $1.50 per bird.

8. ONLINE AND MAILED ENTRIES CLOSE AUGUST 14, 2021, MAILED MUST BE POSTMARKED BEFORE MIDNIGHT ON THAT DATE TO BE ACCEPTED.  Mail entry form and remittance to secretary of Whiteside County Fair, PO Box 88, Morrison, IL 61270.

 9. Large fowl, bantams and water fowl must be owned by exhibitor.

10. Pullets, Cockerals, YM and YF must be hatched after August 17, 2020, Hens, Cocks, OM and OF must be hatched before August 17, 2020.  If less than one year old health papers may come from hatchery.  Health papers must be provided when entering animals for show.

11. There is no limit to the number of entries an exhibitor may enter.  Please specify number of cages needed.

12.  No exhibitor may collect more than two premiums in any one class.

13.  You will be notified of your winnings by the show secretary on Saturday, at 10:00 AM at which time premium checks, ribbons, and exhibitor reports will be handed out.  No animal will be awarded a premium unless in the judge’s opinion it is entitled to same.  Judge’s decision will be final

14. Only class winners will be eligible for champion.

15. Large fowl, bantams and water fowl may not be removed from the showroom until10:00 AM Saturday.  Any large fowl, bantams or water fowl not picked up by the owner by 5:00 PM become the responsibility of the owner. 

16. Sponsor Nutrena Feed donating feed for the week.  All fowl will be fed and watered during their stay at the fair by responsible personnel.

Premiums: 1st-$5.00, 2nd-$4.00, 3rd-$3.00

Best of Class-ribbon and $8.00

Reserve Best of Class-ribbon and $6.00

Overall Champion Large Fowl-$11.00 and trophy sponsored by Candlelight Inn, all locations

Overall Reserve Champion Large Fowl-ribbon and $8.00

Overall Champion Bantam-$11.00 and trophy sponsored by Alfa Feed Mill, Prophetstown, IL

Overall Reserve Champion Bantam-ribbon and $8.00

Overall Champion Water Fowl-$11.00 and trophy sponsored by Hugh Miller Insurance 

Overall Reserve Champion Water Fowl-ribbon and $8.00

Overall Loudest Rooster- Trophy Sponsored by Abbott Family Farms 

1American Class Breed

Plymouth Rock-Barred1130113111321133


Rhode Island Red-SC or RC1138113911401141

American-Any Other1142114311441145

2Mediterranean Class Breed


Minorca-SC or RC Any1151115211531154

Mediterranean-Any Other1155115611571158

3Asiatic Class Breed

Brahma-Any 1160116111621163

Black Cochin1164116511661167

Cochin Any1168116911701171


4English Class Breed

Buff Orpington1177117811791180

Black Australorp1181118211831184

Speckled Sussex1185118611871188

English-Any Other1189119011911192

5Continental Class Breed

Hamburg-Any 1194119511961197


Polish-Any 1202120312041205

Continental -Any Other1206120712081209

6All Other Breeds Class Breed

Games-Modern or Old English1211121212131214

All Other Stand Breeds1215121612171218


8Feather Legged Class Breed


Brahma – Any 1225122612271228

Booted Any1229123012311232

White Silkie1233123412351236

Black Silkie1237123812391240

Any Other Feather  Legged 1241124212431244

9Single Comb Clean Legged Class Breed

Leghorn-Any 1246124712481249

Plymouth Rock-Any 1250125112521253

Rhode Island Red1254125512561257

Any Other Single Comb Clean Legged1258125912601261

10Rose Comb Clean Legged Class Breed

 Sebright Any1263126412651266

Wyandote Any1267126812691270

Any Other Rose Comb Clean Legged1271127212731274

11All Other Combs Clean Legged

All Other Combs Clean Legged-Any1276127712781279

12Old English Game Class



Old English Game -Any Other1289129012911292

13Modern Game Class



Modern Game Class-Any1302130313041305

Water Fowl





16Call Duck



Duck-Any Other1329133013311332

17Black East Indie1334133513361337





19Non-Exhibition Class 1351135213531354